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    GRX2 Features :

    The GRX2 receiver is a fully integrated dual constellation receiver, antenna, radio, and optional cellular modem. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth module, now enhanced for better performance, is designed into a rugged magnesium alloy body.


    Fully Scalable Architecture

    GRX2’s scalable architecture maximizes your return on investment. It allows you to start with an L1 GPS receiver with a minimal initial cost, which can be upgraded to L1 GPS+GLONASS, to L1/L2 GPS, up to 226-channel L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver at any time you need.

    226 Channels for GPS + GLONASS + SBAS

    • 226 tracking channels with Universal Tracking Technology are available for GPS, GLONASS and SBAS signals tracking.
    • Supports GPS L2C signals.

    Other Hardware Features :

    • 22 status LED displays are exceptionally viewable even under bright sunlight.
    • Data storage in popular SD cards. Large capacity SDHC cards are also supported.
    • IP67 dust/water protection


GRX2 Specifications
Tracking Capability
Number of Channels*1 226 channels
Tracked Signals GPS L1 CA, L1/L2 P-code, L2C
GLONASS L1/L2 CA, L1/L2 P-code
Galileo*2 E1
Antenna Integrated
Positioning Accuracy*3
Static L1 + L2 H: 3mm + 0.5ppm V: 5mm + 0.5ppm
L1 Only H: 3mm + 0.8ppm V: 4mm + 1ppm
Fast static (L1 + L2) H: 3mm + 0.5ppm V: 5mm + 0.5ppm
Kinematic (L1 + L2) H: 10mm + 1ppm V: 15mm + 1ppm
RTK (L1 + L2) H: 10mm + 1ppm V: 15mm + 1ppm
DGPS < 0.5m
User Interface
Operation Single-button operation for power, receiver reset, memory initialization
Display panel 20 LED status indicators
Voice navigation Multi-lingual voice messages for receiver status information
Data Management
Memory SD/SDHC card (FAT16/32 formats)
Update/output rate*4 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz (10Hz RTK Standard)
Communication Ports RS-232C (4,800 to 115,200bps)
Wireless Communication
Bluetooth®modem V2.1 + EDR, Class 2, 115,200bps *5
Digital UHF II modem *5 Internal, receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX), 410 to 470MHz
GSM/HSPA modem *5 Internal
Dust/Water Protection IP67 (IEC 60529:2001) at closing all connector caps. Protected against temporary immersion up to 1m (3.3ft.) depth.
Shock 6.56ft. (2m) pole drop
Operating Temperature GRX2 receiver -40 to +65°C (-40 to +149°F)
BDC70 battery -20 to +65°C (-4 to +149°F)
UHF/GSM modems -20 to +55°C (-4 to +131°F)
Storage Temperature -45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)
Humidity 100%, condensing
Enclosure Magnesium alloy housing
Size Dia. 184 x H 95mm (dia. 7.24 x H 3.74 in.)
Weight GRX2 receiver 1.0kg (2.20 lb.)
BDC70 battery 195g (6.9 oz.)
Power supply
Standard battery BDC70 Detachable, Li-ion battery, 7.2V, 5240 mAh
Operating time at 20°C (68°F) >7.5 hours in static mode w/ Bluetooth ® connection
Charger CDC68 Recharging time Approx. 4 hours at 20°C (77°F)
Input voltage 100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz)*6
External power Input voltage 6.7 to 18V DC