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  • 24-Aug-2018

    Hyderabad Road show, Solution from Topcon Sokkia India

    We, Topcon Sokkia India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad office had a road show in Hyderabad South India region. We focused on our latest technology for this event and attendees were from various industries.

  • 23-Feb-2018

    Hyderabad Mini Road show LN-100 Introduction

    The road show “launch of fastest productivity product Layout Navigator-100” was organized by Hyderabad branch office of Topcon Sokkia India Pvt. Ltd.The customers came from various industries, Solar Panel, Construction, Construction, Surveying companies etc.

  • 23-Aug-2017

    Bangalore High End Products Show

    The road show “High End Products can change your site better” was organized by Bangalore branch office of Topcon Sokkia India Pvt. Ltd. We went through the presentation about world fastest robotic TS iX utilization, GNSS and Magnet relay introduction,GLS, MMS utilization of point cloud data. Successfully we also gave the hands on session of iX and GLS Laser Scanner products.