Magnet Collage

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Magnet Collage

    Bring it all together


    MAGNET Collage is a powerful, simple way to combine data. Stay in one software environment to work with both mobile and static scan data. 3D imaging and mass data are seamlessly merged within the processing environment. Pull your mobile mapping, static scanning or point clouds from any source together in one place and easily make the data available to those that need it.


    Get more from your data

    MAGNET Collage provides a holistic solution to handle and get more value from your data. The easy-to-use tools in Collage save time and provide for more effective analysis of data from multiple sensors. Collage delivers point cloud

    Processing and mass data handling as much as eight times faster than previously available platforms.


    Free viewer

    • Open and view any pre-processed

    GLS, IP-S, or RD-M dataset

    • Open and view background map,

    Shapefiles, KMLs, and orthophotos

    • Digitize CAD primitives

    • Import CAD primitives


    Canvas module

    • Fuse data from multiple sensors

    • Create and edit model projects

    • Register and georeference model projects

    • Create and edit point clouds

    • Import and export point clouds

    • Export CAD primitives from model projects

    • Generate orthophotos


    Trajectory module

    • Required for MMS and RD-M modules

    • Estimate vehicle trajectory

    • Apply loop closure and GCP corrections


    Scan (GLS) module

    • Create and edit GLS projects

    • Process GLS scans and images

    • Register and georeference GLS projects

    • Import and export GLS scans and images

    • Export CAD primitives from GLS projects


    Mobile mapping (IP-S) module

    • Create and edit IP-S runs

    • Process IP-S scans, panoramas, and clouds

    • Export IP-S trajectories, scans, panoramas, and clouds

    • Export CAD primitives from IP-S runs

    RD-M (Smooth Ride) module

    • Create and edit RD-M runs

    • Process RD-M scans, and clouds

    • Export RD-M trajectories, scans, and clouds

    • Export CAD primitives from RD-M


    Mass data made easy

    Collage offers an “all-in-one” solution for the complete array of Topcon mass data collection tools. All point clouds and images can be processed, combined and analyzed in one familiar, powerful application.

Magnet Collage

System Requirements
Operating System 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU Intel Core i7, Xeon (4 cores, 8 threads) or higher
RAM DDR3 8GB or higher
Graphic Card Nvidia, VRAM 512MB or higher
Storage SSD 500GB or higher is recommended
Monitor Resolution: SXGA (1280x1024) or higher Dual monitor is recommended when using Fukui CAD (Mercury Evoluto