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    Wireless tilt sensor technology to improve productivity and accuracy  
    The X-22 is Topcon’s newest machine control system for hydraulic excavators allowing you to dig quicker, safer and more accurately than ever before. And you can put X-22 to use immediately because wireless technology makes installation and application of the X-22 fast and easy.  The principle is simple; three wireless sensors continuously measure the bucket’s position in real-time displaying the desired grade and your distance to get there on the bright, full color display.
    • Eliminate over-excavating
    • Fast to set up and use
    • Bright touch screen display
    • Wireless tilt sensors

    Higher Productivity. Better Accuracy.

    The X-22 comes in two models – 1D and 2D. Both include a Control Box and three wireless sensors – one sensor each for the boom, stick and bucket with the stick sensor incorporating a laser receiver. Using a rotating laser for vertical elevation reference the X-22 1D provides continuous “distance to grade” indication while leaving the operator in complete control of the machine for maximum production.

    The 2D model adds an additional compass, pitch and roll sensor allowing the rotation of the machine while maintaining consistent grade - perfect for multi-directional excavations where the machine rests on an uneven surface. An additional bucket tilt sensor can be installed with either system displaying the tilt angle of your bucket for more accurate finish cuts.

    Control Box

    The X-22 control box is a high-resolution touch screen display that’s easy to see even in bright sunlight that features simple menu-driven operation. Step-by-step graphical menu instructions guide you through calibration and system operation. 

    For example, should you want to cut a trench, you’ll be guided through the simple steps to set width, depth and slope. A cross-section view is displayed by default however you may select from profile, bucket and sectional views at any point to visually verify your settings.


    Wireless Sensors

    The X-22’s wireless tilt sensors are completely sealed, rugged and built to last.  Each sensor is equipped with a quick-release mount making it easy to move from  one machine to another. The entire system can be installed in less than two hours and calibrated for up to 20 different excavators. Plus, you can pre-measure for up to 20 different buckets per machine. This flexibility makes the X-22 system perfect whether you have a whole fleet of your own excavators, or rent machines.

    The wireless sensors are rechargeable. Eight hours of charging gives you over 120 hours of continuous usage.


    Pitch, Roll, and Compass Sensor

    The Pitch, Roll, and Compass Sensor, located on the body of the excavator on a short mast, continuously measures exact machine orientation and wirelessly communicates that information to the control box. No matter how the machine is positioned, the correct grade and slope is maintained.

    X-22 Components:
    1. Bucket Sensor
    2. Stick Sensor / Laser Receiver
    3. Boom Sensor
    4. Control Box
    5. Pitch, Roll, and Compass Sensor
    6. Optional Bucket Tilt Sensor (not shown)
    7. Optional extra sensor for articulated boom machines (not shown)

    The X-22 system is versatile and will make all your jobs – big or small – more productive. Reference any benchmark, set your depth in the control box and go to work.

    You can also use a rotating laser as your reference for flat or slope work. Set up your laser, bench in with the X-22 and you’ll know in an instant if you are above, below or exactly on grade.


RL-H4C Specifications

Sensors (Standard)

Enclosure Polycarbonate IP67
Dimensions (W x D x H) 112mm x 68mm x 48mm
Weight 0.230 kg
Operating Temperature –20˚C to +60˚C
Charging Temperature 0˚C to +35˚C
Storage Temperature –20˚C to +35˚C
Operating Time Approximately 120 hours
Enclosure Magnesium IPX6
Dimensions (W x D x H) 158mm x 158mm x 253mm
Weight 1.44 kg (without batteries))
Operating Temperature 0˚C to +50˚C
Storage Temperature –20˚C to +70˚C)
Power 12/24 Volt