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Scan Master

    With ScanMaster’s operator-friendly interface you become more proficient and productive. Manipulate data with ease and quickly deliver a product to your customer.

    • Operator-friendly User Interface
    • Mass 3D Point Cloud Acquisition and Manipulation
    • Traverse and Back Sight Capabilities
    • Image Capture and Live Video Feed
    • Target Scans and Tie-Point Registration
    • Create Mesh Objects and Annotations


    Feature details:

     Mass 3D Point Cloud Acquisition and Manipulation

    ScanMaster has been optimized to quickly acquire and manipulate 3D point cloud data. Stream live video to setup the desired scan area and obtain the 3D point cloud data you need.

     Traverse and Back Sight Capabilities

    With the ability to quickly traverse and back sight, ScanMaster streamlines the process of aligning data captured from multiple occupations into a single coordinate system.

     Image Capture and Live Video Feed

    ScanMaster uses images to streamline data acquisition. Images can also be used to apply RGB data and texture map scanned data. In addition, ScanMaster can stream a live video feed from the GLS-1000 Scanner via WLAN to a remote PC.

     Target Scans and Tie-point Registration

    With the ability to precisely locate centers of retro reflective targets, ScanMaster offers a flexible and highly accurate alternative to traditional orientation techniques.

     Create Mesh Objects and Annotations

    ScanMaster can quickly create mesh objects. These mesh objects are triangulated surfaces that pass through a section of data points, that can be used to create cross-sections and profiles. ScanMaster can also quickly annotate desired information such as angles, and distances.


    360 degree images are recorded and overlapped to and accurate grid of horizontal and vertical angles. Scanned points and polylines can be overlaid on these images. Use the Images to help identify critical breaklines of the point cloud.

    An example of contour lines drawn to a point cloud collected in Las Vegas.

    Annotation and measurement tools come standard in ScanMaster. Use these tools to measure object like windows and columns.

    Overlay point clouds by intensity color to determine where additional scan locations will be needed.

    View you point cloud in the 360 degree angle view with and without images turned on.  

    Pull multiple point clouds together for life-like representations. Notice the long range scanning ability of he point clouds collected on building in the far background!

    Common street intersections come alive with detail from this high density method of scanning. Buildings, utility lines, vegitation and street signs can all be located through laser scanning.

Scan Master

Processor Speed Intel® Core 2 Duo @ 2.00GHz
Video Card Discreet video card with 128 MB of memory and with full support for DirectX 9.0c, vertex and pixel shaders v2.0
Wi-Fi 802.11g Wi-Fi adapter
USB USB 2.0 port
Processor Speed Intel® Core 2 Duo @ 2.66GHz
Video Card Nvidia or ATI discreet video card with 256+ MB of memory