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    As the demands of modern satellite positioning continue to expand, Topcon is dedicated to meeting these new challenges. A key component of the modern GPS industry is the fixed reference station, and Topcon is proud to offer a new, innovative solution to meet this growing need; our new TopNET Reference Station Software Suite.


    Features Include:

    • Supports GNSS operation
    • Scalable solution in both functionailty and geographic coverage area
    • Easily upgraded to operate from one to hundreds of Reference Stations
    • Reference Stations easily added to expand Network and geographic coverage area
    • Functionality for Continuously Operating Reference Stations(CORS) to modeled network data corrections easily added
    • Communication to Reference Stations via internet, modem, USB or serial
    • Configuration of Reference Stations including remote firmware uploads
    • Configuration of Site Parameters and options for data logging
    • Automatic and manual file download from each Reference Station
    • Automatic push to FTP site(s) of raw and/or RINEX data files
    • Monitoring of satellite and site parameters
    • Automated message sending on alarm via e-mail

    Topcon's concept is to provide a suite of TopNET products that offer a wide range of functionality that is also scalable from a single site to networks covering a large geographical area. TopNET can be configured to provide complete control over a single CORS site or a network of CORS sites with additional options, giving you GPS+ RTK correction data generated using information from all reference stations to model and reduce errors, thereby improving precision and productivity.


    As your reference station needs grow, TopNET has the flexibility, scalability and functionality to meet those demands. Topcon is the only manufacturer to offer a complete dual-constellation network solution. By combining the industry leading GPS+GLONASS hardware solutions with advanced dual-constellation network software, Topcon's TopNET network solution provides users with the accuracy and performance advantages of GPS+GLONASS satellite tracking. Whether your network needs require a simple CORS approach, to network RTK and beyond, Topcon has the right solution.


    Simple, Secure Data Management:

    Working with TopNET is simple. Just place your static GPS+ antenna on the roof of your building, link the cable from the antenna to the Odyssey-RS receiver in your office, and TopNET will collect periodic positioning data automatically. With TopNET you can log, archive, and post raw data files, convert to RINEX, and upload native raw files and RINEX files to an FTP site, all under the security and control of a designated system manager.


    GPS+ Receiver Technology:

    Topcon offers the widest selection of GPS+ receivers in the industry, including one receiver designed specifically with operation in a CORS system in mind, the Odyssey-RS. This receiver incorporates Topcon's advanced dual-constellation GPS+GLONASS tracking capability for improved performance and accuracy. Combined with Topcon's CR-3 antenna, HiPer series survey rover, and TopNET software, the Odyssey-RS is part of a powerful reference station solution.


Hardware Platform
type 32 bit, Windows OS, 2000, XP, or Server 2003 Version
graphics - min. monitor size, 640 x 480 min resolution w / H in pixels
color depth 256 number of
accessories Windows e-mail client type
RAM 512 min Mb
Processor Pentium 1500 min speed in Mhz, Intel compatible type
disk space 1024 min free in Mb
internet yes fixed address, yes access